10th gorilla baby born in "la Vallée des Singes Primate Park"

The biggest gorilla group in France is housed in "La Vallée des Singes Primate Park", (30 minutes south of Poitiers).

Yaounde, the silver back male, sired 10 offspring since he arrived in the primate park of the little village of Romagne.

The mother of this latest baby is named Moseka ("young woman" in lingala language). This is her 4th son. Her first one, named Kibali, has traveled to Australia, in last January, to become the new breeding male in Taronga zoo of Sydney.

This group is one of the most important in Europe because of the genetics of the apes. And the youngs born there started to become new breeders elsewhere: the first born is now the silverback in Jersey zoo (Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust) and we hope that the first female born in Romagne will become soon pregnant in Belfast zoological garden.

Most of the professionals of zoological park agree to say that "La Vallée des Singes Primate Park" is the most beautiful place to see gorillas in Europe. Their enclosure is a 5.000m² wooded island, where they share this huge space with colobus monkeys and other red-tailed guenons.

The whole park is a very lovely place where more than 30 species of primates are living in free ranging enclosures, with free access to tall trees. The welfare of the animals is really a priority for all the keepers.



You just can't miss a visit to this park. One of the most beautiful zoological park in Europe.